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Paper Tiger | San Antonio, Texas

Black Country

Paper Tiger is preparing for an electric show for alt enthusiasts everywhere this spring! They’re bringing on a dynamic guest who’s more than ready to set the stage on fire and raise the roof for the concert of a lifetime. No, you aren’t dreaming, Black Country, New Road is performing at Texas’s awe-inspiring Paper Tiger this coming Tuesday 16th April 2024, and you just have to be there. Tone down from mainstream music for a minute and turn on the underground tunes that Black Country, New Road will be delivering for the whole eve.

They’ll be going all over the nation for their spring 2024 trek and showing off all of their best songs, from their debut songs to their fresher releases, so expect a sick show with those. The outstanding Paper Tiger will give you the experience of a lifetime. Past guests adore the theatre for both the helpful staff and the state-of-the-art facilities. It’ll most definitely be unmatched, so you better be there. Make sure you secure your seats now!

It’s officially the time to discover music unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. From underground tunes to the spotlight, this is a concert that you must see for yourself. That’s right, Black Country, New Road is coming to the main attraction of San Antonio, Texas: Paper Tiger, on Tuesday 16th April 2024! The band is about to sell out the stadium and perform their greatest tunes that’ll give you the urge of partying until the early hours.

Here’s the hot news: the leading performers of alternative music on the scene are coming to town again with their highly regarded spring tour. Known as one of the biggest groups of the genre lately, alt enthusiasts have been searching for secret info about the tour. They’re coming to deliver their second to none records LIVE with a crazy setlist that will certainly have you out of breath the whole eve.

Our featured artist has only recently come up to the big league and alt enthusiasts have been keeping a close eye on them. To go from being hidden to the limelight is a giant step for them. Their past performances have given fans an unforgettable experience. Having rose to fame with their unique dynamics, they have seemingly been taking their time to likely make history for alternative indie artists everywhere. This spring tour is sure to bring on even more future tracks for the group, and we couldn’t be more excited. Complete with their leading songs and awesome stage presence, this tour is just the beginning.

You’ll be in good hands at Paper Tiger on Tuesday 16th April 2024. Audience members commend the premier theatre. The popular destination is one that will help you feel contented until you leave. Both the helpful crew and the newest and highly developed facilities help all audience members enjoy the experience for their entire stay. If you’re going to attend, you simply have to follow the link down there to buy your tickets now!

Black Country at Paper Tiger

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