Paper Tiger

Formerly known as The White Rabbit, The Paper Tiger is special among music venues in San Antonio Texas. Even early in the venue’s existence, the owners wanted it to be the kind of place that they would enjoy after hours or on the weekends. So the venue was designed to fit the unique character of San Antonio, as well as welcoming a wide variety of great musicians to play for sold-out crowds.

It didn’t matter if a band was a top 40s chart-topper or an up and coming local band if they were good, then they had a place on The Paper Tiger stage. The owners welcomed all kinds of genres as well; from indie, punk, noise, hardcore, hip hop, electronic, country, gospel, and others that make it one of the most eclectic spots in town. No matter what your music flavor is, you can find a performer to satisfy it at their venue.

But it’s not just a wide variety of performers that keep people coming back to The Paper Tiger. It also offers one of the best-in-class sound systems, a cool bar program, and a space that’s designed to be a top-shelf hangout spot right on the North Saint Mary’s Strip.

Music lovers, fellas relaxing after a long workday, or curious concert-goers wanting to try something new all have a reason to love the venue. The venue is also a great place to catch brand new local talent since they openly welcome bands to introduce themselves and earn their shot at playing for a live Texas audience.

The venue is also one of the most relaxed live performance venues in the city, with a laid back style that matches the welcoming and chill decor. The only requirement to have a great time at The Paper Tiger is to come on out and not suck.

So if you love chill venues that offer a wide variety of musical styles, then you won’t be disappointed with The Paper Tiger.

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