2410 N St Mary’s Street, San Antonio, Texas 78212

Enter the Paper Tiger address into your preferred smartphone maps app or your cars satnav system.

Please be aware that traffic in San Antonio close to the Paper Tiger is often busier around times of the major events, so we always recommend you allow plenty of time to arrive – park and then walk to the building entrance.

The Paper Tiger is located at 2410 N. St. Mary’s ST. San Antonio, TX. 78212. Directions to get to the venue can be found using any GPS or map-making software.

While there are plenty of parking lots and garages near the venue, be sure to give yourself no less than 30 minutes to find parking and get to The Paper Tiger to avoid missing any of the show.

The Five Closest Parking Lots

Need help finding close parking? Here are the five best-rated nearby lots. Be sure to read posted signage to be aware of fees and parking limits and avoid frustrations.

  • 525 E Courtland Pl Parking
  • 529 E Ashby Pl Parking
  • 311 E Dewey Pl Parking
  • 606 E Woodlawn Ave Parking
  • 410 E Craig Pl Parking