Caloncho at Paper Tiger

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Paper Tiger | San Antonio, Texas


The vibes is going to be utterly mesmerizing at the Paper Tiger this spring. The followers have figured it out. Caloncho is finally making a long-anticipated concert in your city! Prepare yourself to dance to the exquisite beats as the hottest reggae artist prepares to engage in shows in San Antonio, Texas.

An exquisite fusion of blues and rhythm and blues… Caloncho is making sure that this night will stay with you for good. The reggae artists would not be so well-known this level of fame if they were not constantly delivering on their promises, and Caloncho just has a solid commitment for the night ahead. The show is scheduled to happen at the beloved Paper Tiger on Friday May 2024! Come to the show all smiles and immerse yourself in the music as Caloncho gives it their all to the crowd. If you've been looking for something to do on your Friday, you've ultimately unearthed your answer. Tickets are available at this location by choosing ‘get tickets.’ Don't waste time before the show is fully booked!

Wagwan citizens! You are the genuine fans, of reggae music, and you know what? Caloncho is where the party is about to happen! Nothing beats our smooth tunes, and real life lyrics, and of course Paper Tiger and San Antonio is the place for reggae and reggaeton. Not only that, the hospitality is something very expressive indeed. The lyrics in our music will tell the story, and the vibe will get the dance floor filled. At Caloncho, it's so easy to become the life of the party that you will honestly feel like the star of the show. All of the musicians at this rave are nothing but pure reggae goodness, and the venue has all you need to make your night something to not to forget for a very long time. The music is outstanding,, and the stage presence will be remarkable because the lighting and sound engineers at Paper Tiger use state of the art technology to ensure that everything flows efficiently. Believe us when we say, 'you don't want to lose out on this one'. Every reggae fan wants to be part of the show, but tickets for Caloncho are limited, so act quickly to obtain yours right here before they're all gone.

Caloncho at Paper Tiger

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