Luna Luna at Paper Tiger

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Paper Tiger | San Antonio, Texas

Luna Luna

If you can only see one pop-rock concert this October then make sure you catch Luna Luna for a live performance on Saturday 21st October 2023 at the iconic Paper Tiger in San Antonio, Texas. This one-time-only show brings one of the leading performers in the industry out to this beautiful venue. You’ll get to hear live performances of some of their top singles as well as stunning songs that have never been performed live for San Antonio before. So if you love the very best in pop-rock, then don’t delay! Make sure you click the Buy Tickets button below and book your tickets to see Luna Luna live now!

Nothing beats the amount of excitement that you feel after you get your ticket to see your favorite Luna Luna live. Blood rushing, smile stretching across your face, you can already hear your favorite songs, you can feel the melody. You got it, the ticket is yours… the next months you’ll spend counting down the days until the special day, planning your outfit, guessing a perfect set-list, and planning out how your day is going to go. You know what food you’re gonna get as soon as you get there, where you’ll stand with your squad or loved one. Then you imagine the lights going off, and you know: “This is it, oh my God!”. Yes, this is what it will feel like and you know it. You’re just one click away from a night you won’t forget. Luna Luna at Paper Tiger, clear your schedule!

Luna Luna at Paper Tiger

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